Big Corporate Achievers Program


What is the Corporate Biggest Achievers program about?

The annual Achieve Health & Fitness/Yakima Herald Biggest Corporate Achievers Program will help participants understand the many benefits of successfully implemented wellness programs. Over several months during the year, up to 100 local CEO ’s and/or top executives will take the challenge to lead personal fitness, corporate health, and the wellness by example approach. Each top executive will be put through a five-part fitness assessment. The criteria will include endurance, strength, flexibility, and body makeup along with a complimentary health risk appraisal and blood work assessment.

Sponsors support the program and the community

Local businesses support wellness and happiness as a movement and support the Biggest Corporate Achievers Program with special prizes and services. The following is a list of those committed to your community's success!

Start a Fitness Plan

At Achieve Health & Fitness, we realize that every body is different. You need a plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals. Answer a few quick questions and we can get to work building a specific plan just for you. Each plan is designed to support total fitness, with a mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching. The length and activities will vary based on your background and needs.